I’m In Love With Your Bodily Autonomy

Release Details

Title: I’m In Love With Your Bodily Autonomy
Artist: Bella Cuts

Label: Edge Network
Release Date: 16 December 2022

Listen here:

Behind The Music

I was thrilled to be invited to join announce the latest compilation from Edge Network, Intersections Vol. 2!

Like the previous iteration, it’s fully made up of pop edits of various genres. It’s now up on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and like the last one, all proceeds will be going to charity.

This time, the money will go to support the women-led protests and resistance movements in Iran. Info about the charity can be found below.

After the success of Intersections Vol. 1 helped raise over €300 Euros for Berlin to Borders, Edge Network’s Halffish decided it would be time to put together another release for a worthy cause, and invited a big cast of friends to collaborate, resulting in a sonically diverse set of tracks all focused on dancing for the forces of good.

Woman* Life Freedom

The charity that will receive proceeds from this compilation is Woman* Life Freedom.

The transnational collective Woman* Life Freedom is a Berlin based polyphonous group of feminists, independent citizens, and civil activists working to address and abolish racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, and gender-based oppressions, class discriminations, many years of crimes and corruption, and environmental looting that the Islamic Republic has inflicted on the people.

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